GEP Source and Trade has sourced custom aluminum extrusions and special alloy products to a wide range of industrial and commercial customers. We have the vendors, the systems and the expertise to ensure our customers' standards and expectations are met and exceeded. Our extensive, experienced, technically-oriented engineering team will work with you in accessing the many resources offered by GEP’s partners.



Assemblies often require the cooperation and coordination of many suppliers. For instance, an assembly may require extrusions, metal stampings, screw machine parts, wire assemblies, etc. Without proper monitoring, subcontractors chosen are often selected without due diligence, resulting in poor quality. GEP Source and Trade monitors, audits, and qualifies each supplier’s parts and pays close attention to the entire assembly process. This allows us to produce products that meet or exceed our customers’ specifications.

Die Castings

Die Casting is a metal forming process that injects molten metal into a steel mold. After injection the metal solidifies quickly and the part is ejected from the mold. Since the mold is extremely durable, the mold's design can be complex and quite precise. The process is quick. Die Casting is considered to be the most efficient way of converting raw material into finished product.

We invite you to share your casting needs with us and experience our commitment to quality castings and customer service.

Sourcing solutions for custom engineered die castings:

  • Selection of the most cost effective source (s) from our qualified supplier network
  • Tooling development – including die casting mold design and mold fabrication
  • Production of unlimited assortment of shapes, geometries and sizes
  • Low tooling cost
  • U.S. and Asian based engineering resources

Metal Extrusions

At GEP, the range of extrusion applications is almost endless. Few applications are too big or too small. Serving a global market, our engineering, design and technical experience is at your disposal. We invite you to share your extrusion needs with us and experience our commitment to quality extrusions and customer service.

Injection Molding

At GEP Source and Trade, we pride ourselves in supplying excellent injection molded parts from China that are priced competitively. We have audited, qualified and worked with TS 16946 and ISO 9001:2008 certified plastic-molding factories in China for over 15 years.

Our sourcing solution for injection molded plastics and plastic assemblies include:

  • Selection of the most cost effective source (s) from our qualified supplier network
  • Injection mold tooling development & design
  • Unlimited assortment of shapes, geometries, sizes and materials
  • Low tooling cost
  • U.S. and Asian based engineering resources

Metal Stampings

Precision Metal Stampings are often the backbone of a successful product. Our partners assisted by CAD/CAM/PRO E - generate complex die geometry with complete precision. We welcome metal stamping projects requiring multiple secondary operations including CNC machining, plating, painting, welding and assemblies. Applying our experience gained from serving a multitude of industries has proven beneficial to all of our customers.

If your custom engineered product(s) fall outside of the scope of what’s listed here, please contact us. GEP has endless capabilities; we’re confident we can design, source, manufacture and deliver the solution you’re looking for.

Metal parts made from a wide variety of materials and with many different finishes can be produced in medium and high volumes.

Consumer Packaged Products

Based on it's local engineering and sourcing team, GEP is able to help identify high quality manufacturing partners for a broad variety of products. The service can include design, prototyping, production, packaging, warehousing and all logistice required to deliver finished products to US based distribution centers.


* GEP protects confidential data such as product design documents, manufacturing plans, pricing, and strategic business plans. GEP also requires all its vendors to sign confidentiality agreements to insure protection for our customers. We encourage all of our customers to send along a Non-Disclosure Agreement with all RFQ’s.