GEP Source and Trade offers a complete one-stop-shop service from new or existing product design, manufacturing and assembly, sourcing to supplier qualification, quality inspection to logistics. Our product sourcing network offers significant savings to our clients as a result of lower labor and operational costs in China, proven product quality, efficient logistic supply channels, and our ability to find and negotiate the best price on your behalf.

  • Locate new product sourcing channels through our extensive network of supplier contacts (our onsite engineers and staff in China have established relationships with vendors which we have hand-picked and worked with for more than 15 years). Identify and evaluate suitable suppliers in terms of production quality, price and capacity.
  • Perform due diligence on the supplier - this is a critical step before you begin any business relationship, given the wide spectrum of quality with Chinese suppliers. GEP performs supplier audits, factory inspections, and coordinates international inspection certifications so that our customers are guaranteed reliable sources.  
  • Negotiate pricing and contract terms. GEP binds suppliers to production contracts drafted in Chinese and sets stringent standards for quality, delivery and compensation. Upon sample approval and initial order shipment, GEP holds all their suppliers liable and will return in full any non-compliant materials.

Quality Assurance

Our staff works closely with our clients and suppliers, ensuring quality requirements are met. GEP’s capabilities include implementation of specific internal or 3rd-party QC standards.

GEP’s selected manufactures employ stringent quality controls both during production and prior to shipping. Quality control applied during production can correct defects dynamically on the production line, which will

  • dramatically decrease defect rates in the final production check
  • correct problems before they occur
  • prevent costly delivery delays from post-production correction of defective goods or re-manufacturing the entire batch
  • increase supplier awareness and proficiency for your production line

GEP also inspects all products delivered to our Wisconsin distribution centers to insure product specifications are met.