Why Choose Us

Reliable, End-to-End Sourcing Solutions


We believe that the value of our services lies not only in our track record in China, but in the ability to provide a cost-effective, off-shore product, without sacrificing the quality, reliability, and stability that one would expect from a domestic supply source. Our goal is to build long-term relationships and trust, ensuring our customers receive competitive, quality-driven product in a timely manner.


GEP Source and Trade is ISO 9001/2000 certified. Having worked with partners in China for over 15 years, we have a team and staff specialists with industry knowledge and extensive Chinese expertise.


Through our Chinese partners and Chinese management team and decades of active involvement in various key industries, we help our customers prosper and grow. We allow our customers to utilize our extensive resources in China instantaneously without the need for large investments, risk-taking, or relocation of facilities. The amount of visibility you have with China is up to you. Our customers are more than welcomed to visit our Qingdao office and meet the staff overseas.
Execution - We do not just source product and ship it - we assist our customers in the entire process and beyond.

“End-to-end” capability

We have the ability to design, manufacture, source, assemble, supply and stock product. We maintain a high level and consistent communication with our clients and manufacturers. Our team on the ground in China personally visits manufacturers to assure quality and shipment.

Value for Money

We apply the best market knowledge and expertise in China ensuring cost effective product without losing any quality standards.


We earn our clients’ trust through our consistent superior service, our professional conduct, and our complete commitment to helping our customers receive quality products. We are committed to our customers and guarantee all products shipped.

Product Confidentiality

We only use reputable vendors. By placing several products with the same factory, our vendors know they will lose all our business if they violate one of our client’s confidentiality agreements. We have never had a confidentiality issue.


We only accept projects where we have the direct industry knowledge or operational experience that will allow us to facilitate the desired product our customer desires.


With a management team composed of American, Chinese, and American Chinese – we personally oversee your projects rather than relying on local hires to operate in China; guaranteeing a fully bilingual staff, native English service, and western standard of service that one expects from a professional firm.