Frequently Asked Questions

Managing Multiple Manufacturers?

Does your product require multiple manufacturers? GEP’s onsite Procurement Specialists can coordinate multiple suppliers for assemblies to eliminate bottlenecks and ensure all suppliers are in-sync.

Start-ups & New Product Ideas?

GEP will turn your idea from concept to reality. Our engineers and sales staff work directly with our clients to build prototypes and develop their products.

How long does it take to get quotes?

It will depend on the number of items and the complexity/specifications of the products. If similar products are already being manufactured in China and raw materials are readily available, the process usually takes 7-14 days. We will always work with our customers to accommodate their schedule.

Will suppliers sign non-disclosure agreements?

All suppliers are required to sign tailor-made confidentiality agreements to protect their investment.

What is the average shipping time?

Usually 20-30 days by sea freight, depending on destination and route. Rush items can be delivered using air freight.

What are the acceptable forms of payment?

Customary or Standard Method of Payment: Check or ACH – USD currency

Are there minimum order requirements?

The minimum order requirement depends on suppliers and products. Lower volumes may result in higher unit prices due to production inefficiencies. Our order consolidation system allows us to save customers money.

What are typical lead times?

Standard manufacturing lead time is 30 – 40 working days. Standard transit time is 25 – 30 days. Expedited manufacturing and transit options are available.